FDA Approved To to Help Diminish Facial Lines

Similar to BOTOX, Dysport addresses fine lines and wrinkles, but also offers versatility. Dysport molecules are smaller and spread over a wider area. This treatment may also take effect sooner and last longer than BOTOX. Our expert injectors will recommend what's right for you.

Dysport helps my skin look flawless


Moderate to severe facial lines

Sagging eyebrows and corners of the mouth

Crow's feet and frown lines

Lines under the eye and on the neck


Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Dysport gives me smoother skin.


Softens even severe facial lines

Fast treatment

Versatile treatment goes beyond wrinkles

Results begin as soon as 24 hours

Naturally feathers at the edges for a natural look

Can be combined with fillers for a liquid facelift

What we love about Dysport Art Card

Dysport can be done during your lunch hour and there’s no downtime. Typically, there’s no redness and the treatment is not detectable. If you experience a little redness it will likely diminish before you get back to work or home.

Like BOTOX, Dysport can be used to treat more than just wrinkles. Patients with migraine headaches can benefit from injections. Dysport is also effective for excecssive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis.

The feathering effect of Dysport along the edges can produce more natural results in select areas.