Laser Hair Removal

Go Smooth with Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate up to 90% of unwanted hair permanently with safe, high-speed laser hair removal. Our GentleMax Pro and Vectus lasers work on all skin types and tones, plus they treat larger areas so you can be in and out in less time. No more razor burns and waxing. Get the soft, smooth skin you’ve always wanted.


Face, lips, ears

Arms, underarms, legs

Back, stomach, chest

Bikini area

woman laser hair removal underarm


Reduces unwanted hair

Prevents most hair from growing back

No more razor burn, tweezing or waxing

Reveals smoother skin

What we love about Laser Hair Removal

Finally, a permanent alternative to shaving, waxing and depilatory cream. Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles and prevents hair re-growth.

Our lasers work on all skin types and tones — including medium and dark complexions. This is the ultimate solution for men and women who want to get rid of unwanted hair.

Save the time and hassle of shaving, tweezing and waxing. Enjoy lasting results with laser hair removal.

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