Brain Support with Cerenx¨ | 60 Capsules

Brain Support with Cerenx¨ | 60 Capsules

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Brain Support with Cerenx (sodium citicoline) is a medical food indicated for the specific dietary needs of patients with cerebral ischemia. As a medical food, Cerenx is intended for use under supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

Cerebral ischemia is the result of reduced blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This can be the result of an acute ischemic attack (stroke, mini-stroke or TIA) or the prolonged reduction of circulatory function that comes with age (age-related cognitive decline).

Cerenx supplies citicoline, an important precursor to neurotransmitters in the brain. Citicoline also serves as an intermediary in the synthesis of vital phospholipids that form protective brain cell membranes. The loss of membrane phospholipids and neurotransmitter activity has been implicated in the loss of function associated with cerebral ischemia. The citicoline in Cerenx (sodium citicoline) has been clinically shown to defend these brain structures and functions.

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