PRP Hair Restoration

Restore Your Hair With PRP

When we lose hair, our follicles just go dormant, they don't go away. PRP scalp injections stimulate the stem cells in the follicles to turn them on again so they can re-grow hair. Growth factors in platelet-rich plasma also stimulate blood flow to hair follicles and encourage hair to grow normally once again.

prp hair growth man


Thinning hair

Early hair loss

PRP hair growth woman


Renewed hair growth

Thicker, fuller hair

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What we love about PRP hair restoration

PRP uses your own blood to source growth factors in platelet-rich plasma that stimulate blood flow to hair follicles, which encourages hair to regrow naturally once again.

A local anesthetic will be applied to your scalp to numb the area during treatment. After treatment, your scalp may feel a little heavy or tight but this feeling should subside within a few hours.

You are the key to regrowing your hair. Your hair follicles are just dormant and they can be renewed with platelet-rich plasma from your own blood.

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