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Sexual Health

Regain Your Confidence

BiMix and TriMix Injections for ED

Now, there's a non-surgical solution for impotence. The American Urologic Association recognizes intracavernous injections as the most effective, non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) with a reported 90% success rate.

BiMix and TriMix injections help restore confidence


Trouble getting an erection

Trouble keeping an erection

Reduced sexual desire

Anxiety in sexual situations

BiMix and TriMix injections improve sexual health


Improved blood vessel circulation

Enhanced erections typically in 15 minutes or less

Improved confidence with lasting results

Improved sexual and overall health

What you will love about BiMix and TriMix Art Card

According to the American Urologic Association, intracavernous injections are the most effective, non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction with a reported 90% success rate.

Perform the injections on yourself whenever you want to experience a lasting erection.

BiMix andTriMix injections work faster than pills because they’re localized and don’t need to go through the body before results are achieved.

Simply stated, the medical team at Optimal changed my life! I thought the fatigue and aches were part of getting older. Optimal not only gave me back my youth, but also provided the tools I need to stay healthy, prevent illness and enjoy my family more than ever before!

J. Castillo

Your team is second to none. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have control of my health, understand my blood labs and can follow a program that makes sense for the way I live. Thank you to all the staff who makes your company the leader in concierge medicine. You have me for life!

D. Armstrong

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the team at Optimal Health & Skin for an amazing year of wellness and transformation....My cholesterol, blood sugar, and pressure were high. I felt foggy and tired all the time but with Lauren’s help and the amazing team, today, all my levels are better and I feel and look great! Thank you again!

Minh H.
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