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What is PRP? Can it help with my thinning hair?

Did you know over one third of the population experiences some form of hair loss?

Once it starts to happen, the emotional trauma can then turn into a never-ending cycle of anxiety.  But what if there was an affordable way to improve your hair density and thickness without expensive procedures and unwanted side effects?  Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair restoration is a treatment that uses your own platelets to enrich and heal your scalp, jumpstarting dormant hair back into its growth stage.

Different fields of medicine have been using PRP therapy for all sorts of treatments such as healing wounds and improving recovery and healing time after surgery.  Now this ground-breaking therapy exists for the treatment of thinning hair and hair loss.

How does it work?

How PRP works

What are the benefits of PRP for hair loss you may ask?

  • Increases blood supply to the follicle
  • Increases shaft size (thickness)
  • Triggers and maintains the growth phase
  • Controls hair growth cycle
  • Decreases hair loss

At Optimal Health & Skin, we offer PRP for hair restoration treatment in the clinic.  Give us a call today at 972-236-3300 to schedule a consultation and see if the treatment is right for you.

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