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It's Your Time to Thrive

Our medical staff will guide you to greater wellness and beauty with an integrated, functional medicine approach and state-of-the-art aesthetic services. Our curated offering of the highest-quality supplements and skin care nourish on the inside and out.

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Expert Team

Our renowned medical team is led by Dr. Robert Bulger and Lauren Huffman, NP-C. Learn more about Dr. Bulger and Lauren.

Wellness Services That Matter to You

Our services are tailored to help you achieve your wellness goals so you can live your best life. Anti-aging, weight optimization, hormone replacement and sexual health are just a few of our offerings.

Beauty from the Inside Out

You deserve to not only feel your best but look your best in life. Our wellness services, including IV therapy and vitamin injections, will help you achieve health and beauty from the inside while our aesthetic services will perfect your look on the outside.

Whole-Food Based Nutraceuticals

We offer a complete line of nutrigenomic supplmenets that are designed to support optimal health and vitality. Shop supplements.

Farm House Fresh Skincare

Stop by to experience our sumptous skincare products full of fruits, veggies, milks and more from U.S. farms.

Service Spotlight


Our anti-aging program is a multi-faceted approach to your health. We’ll work to balance your hormones, nurtrient levels and lifestyle habits such as sleep, activity and exercise. The result is an energized, invigorating feeling that will last throughout your lifetime.

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