Preservative-Free XEOMIN® Helps Diminish Facial Lines

XEOMIN is botulinum toxin A that undergoes an extra purification step so no preservatives are needed. That's why it's called the “naked BOTOX.” XEOMIN may work better where the desired outcome was not achieved with another neuromodulator.

Xeomin makes me feel better about myself


Brow wrinkles

Crow's feet

Frown lines

Lines under the eye

Lines on the neck

Bunny lines

I like Xeomin because it is pure


Ultra-pure without additives


Softens even severe facial lines

Natural results

Results begin as soon as 24 hours

Effective for men and women

What we love about Xeomin Art Card

XEOMIN is ultra-pure and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for even the most sensitive of us.

XEOMIN is all about aging gracefully. It’s one of the best preventive anti-aging treatments and that let’s us keep the hands of time away a bit longer. It can boost the results of your routine skincare regimen and will help keep you Insta-ready or just ready to love what you see in the mirror.

It’s not all about the face. Many of us would like to eliminate the horizontal lines on our neck and the lines that form on our décolleté between our breasts. BOTOX can also be injected above the upper lip line to lift up and out slightly, providing a subtly plumper look.

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